Great Health Begins At Home!


I am a busy professional and appreciate the accountability and consistency that the home fitness trainers provide. They keep me on track. ~ Wayne (51yrs)

Our condo gym is a bit overwhelming. I wanted to learn how to use the equipment and have a program that helps me build strength, improve my balance, increase my stamina and give me more energy. Wendall and his trainers are always on time and know their stuff. It’s a pleasure working out and seeing results. ~ Howard (82yrs)

The program has worked a ton for me. I don’t get teased as much in school. I’ve lost a lot of body fat and gained a lot of muscle so I really recommend this program. ~ Arthur (13yrs)

Home Fitness Academy has improved my fitness and energy levels. I have Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. Now I have more strength, balance and mobility in all my joints, which gives me more confidence and pleasure to enjoy life. ~ Saundra (77yrs)

I decided to get back in shape, feel younger and fitter again. Turning 50 was a perfect incentive to take action, so I enrolled in the Home Fitness Trainer apprentice and certification program. Learning while getting in amazing shape at home will help build lifelong habits. Thank you Home Fitness Academy! ~ Rose (50yrs)

My doctor recommended exercise to help with aging better and my depression.My body was failing which also limited me, so I hired a home fitness trainer twice a week. We do exercise in the pool, my home gym and outdoors. I like how safe and easy it is to accomplish. ~ Lou (87yrs)

Being legally blind, mother of three and working full time, it was impossible for me to make it to a gym. I needed the convenience, guidance and expertise that Wendall Hughes provided. My goal was to compete on stage in the entry level physical fitness competition. After 7 months, I won my age category. My next goal is to do an Iron Man. ~ Bronwyn (45yrs)

After a hip and knee surgery, I wanted some physical therapy so I could play golf again.Wendall and his trainers have helped me for over 15 years. It’s amazing how they use my furniture and stairs as fitness equipment. I highly recommend them. ~ Peter (81yrs)

After 3 failed attempts of wanting to finish a 42km marathon, I hired the services of Home Fitness Academy. Their training and education helped me understand and overcome my challenge. Now I can cross off my list ”finish the Ottawa marathon”. They’re the best! ~ Michael (57yrs)

Looking and being in the best shape of my life was important for my wedding day. I’m not a morning person and knew I needed the motivation to push me and get my exercises done before my busy day started. I only had 3 months so I hired a home trainer 3 times a week. It was not easy but I liked the balance of weights, cardio and nutritional training and the trainers were always in a good mood (even when I wasn’t). I lost 35 pounds ,dropped 4 dress sizes and look amazing. I am very happy with the results. ~ Maria

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